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Summer Kickball East Islip Wednesday

Key Details

Summer 2017 Outdoor Kickball
Game Day(s)
Game Time(s)
July 12th to August 23rd
Heckscher State Park, East Islip
Team Size
12 - 16 Players; 6 Girls Required
Field Layout


Rank Team Wins Losses Win Percentage SOS Bar Points Social Points
1. Cool Runnings 5 0 1.000 0.480 230 100
2. Pitches Be Crazy 4 1 0.800 0.400 250 80
3. Spring Break All-Stars 3 2 0.600 0.520 390 70
4. You Can't Kick with Us 3 2 0.600 0.320 290 80
5. Recess Rejects 2 3 0.400 0.600 330 100
6. Stoop Kids 2 3 0.400 0.600 200 0
7. One Kick Wonder 1 4 0.200 0.600 330 180
8. Kickaholics 0 5 0.000 0.480 230 40


Week 1 July 12th
Field Time
Field A 7:00PM Spring Break All-Stars 15 +80BPs +20 SPs Recess Rejects 18 +80BPs +20 SPs
Field B 7:00PM Cool Runnings 22 +80BPs +20 SPs Stoop Kids 12 + 80BPs
Field C 7:00PM One Kick Wonder 12 +90BPs +20 SPs Pitches Be Crazy 19 +80BPs +20 SPs
Field D 7:00PM Kickaholics 0 You Can't Kick with Us 1 +110BPs +20 SPs
Week 2 July 19th
Field Time
Field A 7:00PM One Kick Wonder 11 +30BPs +20 SPs Kickaholics 5 + 60BPs +20 SPs
Field B 7:00PM Stoop Kids 12 +30BPs Pitches Be Crazy 18 +30BPs +20 SPs
Field C 7:00PM Spring Break All-Stars 15 +30BPs +50 SPs You Can't Kick with Us 8 + 30BPs +20 SPs
Field D 7:00PM Cool Runnings 13 +30BPs +20 SPs Recess Rejects 3 + 80BPs +20 SPs
Week 3 July 26th
Field Time
Field A 7:00PM Cool Runnings 16 +30BPs Pitches Be Crazy 12 + 30BPs +20 SPs
Field B 7:00PM Spring Break All-Stars 11 +80BPs One Kick Wonder 2 + 30BPs +20 SPs
Field C 7:00PM Recess Rejects 15 +80BPs +20 SPs Kickaholics 5 + 30BPs
Field D 7:00PM Stoop Kids 16 +30BPs You Can't Kick with Us 5 + 60BPs +20 SPs
Week 4 August 2nd
Field Time
Field A 7:00PM One Kick Wonder 6 +60BPs +20 SPs You Can't Kick with Us 14 +30BPs +20 SPs
Field B 7:00PM Stoop Kids 18 Kickaholics 13 + 80BPs +20 SPs
Field C 7:00PM Cool Runnings 17 +30BPs +20 SPs Spring Break All-Stars 8 + 30BPs
Field D 7:00PM Recess Rejects 8 +30BPs +40 SPs Pitches Be Crazy 10 +30BPs +20 SPs
Week 5 August 9th
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM Spring Break All-Stars 19 +60BPs Stoop Kids 9 + 30BPs
Field B 6:45PM Cool Runnings 14 +30BPs +40 SPs One Kick Wonder 4 + 30BPs +40 SPs
Field C 6:45PM Pitches Be Crazy 19 +80BPs Kickaholics 10 + 30BPs
Field D 6:45PM Recess Rejects 5 +30BPs You Can't Kick with Us 14 +30BPs
Week 6 August 16th
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM You Can't Kick with Us 2 +30BPs Cool Runnings 22 +30BPs
Field B 6:45PM Spring Break All-Stars 20 +80BPs Pitches Be Crazy 7
Field C 6:45PM Kickaholics 10 +30BPs Stoop Kids 18
Field D 6:45PM One Kick Wonder 17 +60BPs +20 SPs Recess Rejects 13 + 30BPs
Week 7 August 23rd
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM Spring Break All-Stars 9 +30BPs Cool Runnings 15
Field B 6:45PM You Can't Kick with Us Pitches Be Crazy
Field C 6:45PM One Kick Wonder 4 +30BPs +40 SPs Stoop Kids 5 +30BPs
Field D 6:45PM Kickaholics Recess Rejects

Playoff A Bracket

Playoff B Bracket

Bar & Social Champs Schedule

The fun continues each week after the game at Fatty McGee's. Located just 5 minutes outside of Heckscher State Park at 138 Connetquot Ave, East Islip, NY 11730

Week Social Challenge Bar Game
1 Share Your Team Pride

Post team photo with LI Kick Banner

Scavenger Hunt

At the Bar

2 Team Pyramid

Tallest Pryamid(s) Earn Points

Water Balloon Toss

On the Field

3 The 'Gram

Take Team Photo with the LI Kick Instagram Sign

Chug Off

At the Bar Each Team Nominiates One Guy and One Girl to Participate

4 Kickball Meme

Best Meme as rated by our Meme Experts earn points

Trivia Photo Challenge

At the Bar

5 Biggest Selfie

Most People in Picture Earns Points

Cup Stack

At the Bar

6 Game Photo Caption

Best Picture and Caption Earns Points, Picture Can Be From Any Game This Season

Flip Cup Challenge

On the Field

7 LI Kick Around the World

Picture of Player in LI Kick Shirt furthest from Heckscher Wins (Picture must be taken at somepoint during the season and must have recognizable landmark)

Team Tug of War

Earning Bar Points

Attendance: Teams with at least one member of the post-game event receive 30 points. The team with the most players still at the bar at 9PM will earn an extra 30 points.

Bar Games: The winning team(s) of the weekly bar game will receive 50 points.

Earning Social Points

Participation: Teams that submit a pic for the challenge by 11:59PM Thursday will earn 20 Points. All Photos must be posted on Facebook (@LI-Kick) or Instagram (@LI_Kick) with us tagged.

Winning Photo: The winning photo will earn that team an additional 30 Points.


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