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Summer Kickball East Islip Wednesday

Key Details

Summer 2018 Outdoor Kickball
Game Day(s)
Game Time(s)
July 11th to August 22nd
Heckscher State Park, East Islip
Team Size
12 - 18 Players; 5 Girls Required
Field Layout


Team Wins Losses Win Percentage Bar Points
Ballsagna Face 5 0 1.000 200
Kicking Grass, Taking Names 3 2 0.600 600
Recess Rejects 3 2 0.600 500
Sit on my Base 1 4 0.200 1000
Table 9 0 5 0.000 700
Fatty McGee's 4 1 0.800 600
Team Tapped 4 1 0.800 200
Spring Break All-Stars 3 2 0.600 400
Blue Ballers 2 3 0.400 300
Ball Busters 0 5 0.000 600


Week 1 July 11th
Field Time
Field A 7:00PM Team Tapped 10 +100BPs Fatty McGee's 9 + 100BPs
Field B 7:00PM Ballsagna Face 20 +100BPs Sit on my Base 10 + 200BPs
Field C 7:00PM Spring Break All-Stars 7 +200BPs Blue Ballers 4 + 100BPs
Field D 7:00PM Recess Rejects 13 +300BPs Table 9 3 + 200BPs
Field E 7:00PM Ball Busters 7 Kicking Grass, Taking Names 12 +200BPs
Week 2 July 18th
Field Time
Field A 7:00PM Ball Busters 4 +100BPs Blue Ballers 5 +100BPs
Field B 7:00PM Kicking Grass, Taking Names 14 +100BPs Table 9 4 + 200BPs
Field C 7:00PM Team Tapped 12 Spring Break All-Stars 3 + 100BPs
Field D 7:00PM Ballsagna Face 13 Recess Rejects 10 + 100BPs
Field E 7:00PM Fatty McGee's 11 +100BPs Sit on my Base 4 + 200BPs
Week 4 August 1st
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM Ballsagna Face 7 +100BPs Kicking Grass, Taking Names 0 + 200BPs
Field A Game 2 Ballsagna Face 10 Team Tapped 3
Field B 6:45PM Team Tapped 9 Ball Busters 1 + 200BPs
Field B Game 2 Spring Break All-Stars 4 Ball Busters 3
Field C 6:45PM Recess Rejects 12 +100BPs Sit on my Base 2 + 200BPs
Field C Game 2 Recess Rejects 11 Kicking Grass, Taking Names 5
Field D 6:45PM Fatty McGee's 5 +100BPs Spring Break All-Stars 4
Field D Game 2 Sit on my Base 13 Table 9 11
Field E 6:45PM Blue Ballers 4 +100BPs Table 9 2 + 200BPs
Field E Game 2 Blue Ballers 6 Fatty McGee's 7
Week 5 August 8th
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM Team Tapped 14 Blue Ballers 4
Field B 6:45PM Ballsagna Face 16 Table 9 6
Field C 6:45PM Fatty McGee's 11 +200BPs Ball Busters 10 + 100BPs
Field D 6:45PM Sit on my Base 6 +100BPs Kicking Grass, Taking Names 13
Field E 6:45PM Spring Break All-Stars 5 Recess Rejects 3
Week 6 August 15th
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM Fatty McGee's 4 +100BPs Ballsagna Face 5
Field B 6:45PM Sit on my Base 3 +300BPs Spring Break All-Stars 13 +100BPs
Field C 6:45PM Recess Rejects 6 Team Tapped 11 +100BPs
Field D 6:45PM Blue Ballers 3 Kicking Grass, Taking Names 4 +100BPs
Field E 6:45PM Ball Busters 9 +200BPs Table 9 2 + 100BPs
Week 7 August 22nd
Field Time
Field A 6:45PM Team Tapped 3 Ballsagna Face 5
Field B 6:45PM Kicking Grass, Taking Names 11 Spring Break All-Stars 12
Field C 6:45PM Recess Rejects 7 Fatty McGee's 4
Field D 6:45PM Table 9 8 Blue Ballers 7
Field E 6:45PM Ball Busters 9 Sit on my Base 8





Consolation Round

Bar Champs Schedule

There's more to LI-Kick than just Kickball! We invite you to come out to our sponsor bar after the games every week (Fatty McGees located at 138 Connetquot Avenue). The bar is just a 5 minute drive from the fields.

Date Social Challenge Bar Game [Winner(s)] Biggest Turnout
Preseason Scavanger Hunt!
July 11 Chug Off
Men: Mike, Recess Rejects
Women: Jackie, Sit on my Base
Kicking Grass, Taking Names
July 18 Trivia Sheet Water Balloon Toss
Table 9
Sit On My Base
July 25 Group Photo Flip Cup Challenge
Rain Out TBD
August 1 Theme Week: Beach Party
Table 9
Beach Bucket
Kicking Grass Taking Names
Ball Busters
Sit On My Base
August 8 Last Man Standing
Fatty McGee's
Flip Cup
Fatty McGee's
Sit On My Base
August 15 LI Kick Around the World
Sit On my Base
Giant Jenga
Ball Busters
Sit On my Base
August 22 Playoffs

Schedule subject to change

Earning Bar Points

Bar Games: Teams that participate in the bar game will earn 100 Bar Points. The winning team(s) of the bar game will receive an additional 100 Bar Points

Social Challenges: All teams that participate in the social challenges will receive 100 Bar Points. Photo based challenges must be posted on Facebook (@LI-Kick) or Instagram (@LI_Kick) with us tagged by Thursday at midnight.

Biggest Turnout: We'll do a headcount at 9PM, the team(s) with the most players in the bar and wearing their LI Kick Shirt will earn 100 Bar Points.

LI Kick Around the World

Traveling? Take us with you! Be sure to pack your LI-Kick Shirt and take then share a photo (be sure to tag us) to earn swag for your next adventure.


Going on a trip? Take us with you! Snap a picture of you and your LI Kick shirt
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