Volleyball League Rules

Volleyball League Rules

Main Rule Set = USA Volleyball

We follow USA Volleyball rules. This is how we adapt the rules to our league.


  • We play coed 6s (3m and 3f on the court).
  • A woman can take the place of a man, but a man may not take the place of a woman (example, playing 2m/4f is OK, but playing 4m/2f is not).
  • Additional players rotate in on a set pattern (example, rotate in on the serve). Teams must still comply with gender ratios when rotating, and players may not be skipped in the rotation. (Players may only be skipped in the rotation in order to comply with gender ratios).
  • We do not play a libero position.
  • Gender rule exceptions are made for teams made of free agents.
  • Teams play 3 games in one hours. Games are to 25, 25 and 21.
  • All games are rally scoring.

Playing Rules

  • We are pretty loose with 'carry', 'lift' and 'doubles' rules. The game is self-officiated and players should only call those violations when it is obvious.
  • We are stricter with touching the net and crossing the mid-line. Players should expect to be called for a violation when committing those fouls.
  • Players can also call a violation on themselves for committing any of the above infractions.
  • The ball is still 'live' if it contacts a non-playing surface (example, the ceiling) and stays on the same side of the net. The ball is 'out' if it contacts a non-playing surface and goes over the net.

Use of Substitute Players

  • We want teams to be able to play, but also want teams to play with a consistent and dedicated roster.
  • Subs are allowed during regular season games if teammates are unable to attend a game. 
  • Substitutes are not allowed for playoffs and championship games. All players must be rostered to play in playoffs and championship games.
  • At least 3 players from the rostered team must be in attendance and playing for the game to be counted. If there are less than 3 rostered players the games will be forfeited.