Winter 2024 Darts Bay Shore Thursday Nights

Winter 2024 Darts Bay Shore Thursday Nights

Key Details

Winter 2024 Darts
Game Day(s)
January 4th to February 15th
7 Weeks
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Team Size
4 - 6 Players;
Rosters Due By
December 29th
Rosters Locked On
January 12th
Great South Bay Brewery
25 Drexel Drive
Bay Shore, 11706
Max Teams

What You Can Expect

This is a social league for casual dart players. Join as a free agent, with friends or with a full team of 4-6 players. Play 12 'legs' a night. Advanced players may not find the competition level challenging enough for them.

Additional Info

We supply darts for those teams who do not have a set but teams are welcome to bring their own set of darts. Here is a run down of the games we will be playing.

301 (doubles, 2 points each game): The game starts with a 301 points. The number hit is reduced from the starting points and the game ends when the score becomes exactly 0. The first player to reach exactly 0 wins.

Baseball (doubles, 2 points each game): Teams takes turns throwing at the number associated with the inning. In the first inning, all darts should be thrown at the number 1. A hit in the single section scores 1 run, the double is worth 2 runs, and the triple is worth 3. Once all players have had thrown the inning is over, and you move onto the second where the number 2 becomes the scoring target. This continues until you have completed a total of 9 innings. The team with the highest score at the end of the 9th inning wins.

Cricket (team, 4 points): Targets are only 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and the Bull. Once a team gets three marks, the number will be open. A team scores points by hitting the area they opened. You can void your opponent's open area by getting three marks on the number. The team with the highest score when all numbers are closed wins.

Each team will have the opportunity to earn a total of 12 points for the night.

Theme Week starts February 5th. Theme week is a massive competition between all teams in LI-Kick. This season's theme is "Pajama Party".

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Most of our leagues and tournaments allow you to join as a free agent or with one or with a group of friends (while being kept together), in fact, most first time players join this way. When you register we'll ask a few simple questions and we'll do our best to fill out your roster with players like you. That said, the free agent pool for some leagues, like cornhole are limited so your best bet is to join with a friend and form a complete team.

Generally, registration covers the cost of equipment, facility use, umpires/refs and a team shirt. You'll also be given access to the various social events we host and sponsor throughout the year. 

Registration Details

Limited Space Available
We've eliminated all processing fees, the price you see is the price you'll pay.
Register Early and Save!

Team Fees

  • Ealy Registration: $240 $40.00 each with 6 players expires December 3rd
  • Registration: $240 $40.00 each with 6 players expires December 17th
  • Late Registration: $290 $48.33 each with 6 players

Free Agent / Group Fees

  • Ealy Registration: $60 expires December 3rd
  • Registration: $60 expires December 17th
  • Late Registration: $70
Join the Fun, Register Now!

Ways to Register

Register individually and either play as a free agent or tag some friends to ensure your placed together. We do our best to match similar types of players together to form a full team.
You can sign up with a group of friends and be put on the same team. Once registration ends we will merge you with other groups that compliment your group's demographics to create a full team.
A team captain registers and pays for the entire team. You'll need the names, emails and birthdates of all your teammates. Team size and gender requirements vary by league. Corporate Teams are always welcome in any of our leagues.
Great South Bay Brewery
Great South Bay Brewery

Custom Shirt Process

Registering a full team? Boost your team spirit and make a strong case for "Captain of the Year" by ordering custom shirts for your squad.

Sign up your full team by the end of early registration

Browse our catalog of popular shirts with known pricing or choose from our vendors catalog and get a custom price quote.

Optionally add Names, numbers or a logo to the back of your shirt.

Recieve your shirts for the first game of the season.

Meet Our Team

Jess Miller
LI Kick

Jess Miller Director

First Season: Spring 2018

Why I Joined: I missed playing sports and wanted to make friends

Hidden Talent: I can write music

My 'Normie' Hobbies: Driving on the beach, hitting up craft breweries, soccer, playing backyard games


Better off Blind
Better off Blind
Dart Daddies
Dart Daddies
Dart Vaders
Dart Vaders
Queens Finest
Queens Finest
Roomie & Men
Roomie & Men
Show me your tips
Show me your tips
Sometimes Mercy
Sometimes Mercy
Talk Darty to me
Talk Darty to me
Who Darted?
Who Darted?


Team Games Played Points Baseball 301 Cricket
Better off Blind - - - - -
Show me your tips - - - - -
Talk Darty to me - - - - -
Dart Vaders - - - - -
Dart Daddies - - - - -
Who Darted? - - - - -
Sometimes Mercy - - - - -
Roomie & Men - - - - -
Queens Finest - - - - -

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