Summer 2022 Pickleball Doubles Melville Thursday Nights

Key Details

Summer 2022 Pickleball Doubles
Game Day(s)
July 7th to August 18th
7 Weeks
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Team Size
2 - 4 Players;
Rosters Due By
June 26th
Rosters Locked On
July 15th
All Sportz
100 Ruland Rd
Melville, 11747
Games Per Night
5 to 6

What You Can Expect

This is an BEGINNER FRIENDLY doubles league with no gender rules/ requirements. The regular season lasts 6 weeks. The 7th week is the playoffs (all teams qualify). Players in the league should know how to score and be at a level 3.0+

Additional Info

Choose the right Pickleball league for you! We have 8 leagues starting in July

  1. Monday - Bethpage - Open Doubles, *most competitive league
  2. Monday - Melville - Open Doubles, *beginner friendly
  3. Tuesday - Bethpage - Mixed Doubles *minimum 1 female
  4. Tuesday - Glen Head - Indys, *7pm start
  5. Tuesday - Glen Head - Indys, *8pm start
  6. Wednesday - Bethpage - Indys, *7pm start
  7. Wednesday - Bethpage - Indys, *8pm start
  8. Thursday - Melville - Open Doubles, *beginner friendly

What does 'Indys' mean? You join the league as an individual Every week and game, you get paired with a new partner and opponent based on your standings in the league, ensuring an even matchup

Doubles leagues are 2 hours (play 5-6 games). Indy leagues are 1 hour (play 4 games). All Indy leagues have two time slots and players can register for both time slots to play 8 games/night.

Need a partner? Post in our Facebook Group Long Island Pickleball Partners

August 4th is Beach Party Theme Week

All processing fees have been eliminated! The price you see is the exact price you pay!

The 'team price' is for a team of 2-4 people and NOT per person.

Upcoming Social Events

Jun-25 The Booze Cruise

Jul-24 Field Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Most of our leagues and tournaments allow you to join as a free agent or with one or with a group of friends (while being kept together), in fact, most first time players join this way. When you register we'll ask a few simple questions and we'll do our best to fill out your roster with players like you. That said, the free agent pool for some leagues, like cornhole are limited so your best bet is to join with a friend and form a complete team.

Generally, registration covers the cost of equipment, facility use, umpires/refs and a team shirt. You'll also be given access to the various social events we host and sponsor throughout the year. 

Registration for this League is currently closed. Join the waitlist and we'll notify you if space opens up.

Join the Waitlist

Connect with Us

Whether your looking to land on a team or just want to meet some of your future league mates our sport specific Facebook Groups are a great way to get connected to our LI Kick community before your league begins.

All Sportz
All Sportz

Meet The Team

Mike Gunshinan
LI Kick

Mike Gunshinan Director

First Season: Fall '21 - Kickball

Why Did I Join LI-Kick?  I went to watch my mom’s friend play a kick ball game. Once I saw the atmosphere I fell in love. 

Hidden talent: I can play the spoons 

My Life Motto: Good times and good vibes 


Belly Floppers
Belly Floppers
Dink and Drink
Dink and Drink
Everything But the Kitchen Dink
Everything But the Kitchen Dink
Fickle Picklers
Fickle Picklers
Gal Pals
Gal Pals
Get a Grip!
Get a Grip!
Oyster bay picklers
Oyster bay picklers
Paddle Battles
Paddle Battles
Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros.


Rank Team Games Played Wins Losses Diff For Against
- Gal Pals - - - - - -
- Everything But the Kitchen Dink - - - - - -
- Fickle Picklers - - - - - -
- Paddle Battles - - - - - -
- Dink and Drink - - - - - -
- Super Smash Bros. - - - - - -
- dinkAritas - - - - - -
- Belly Floppers - - - - - -
- Oyster bay picklers - - - - - -
- Get a Grip! - - - - - -

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