Summer Kickball Valley Stream Thursday

Key Details

Summer 2018 Outdoor Kickball
Game Day(s)
Game Time(s)
July 12th to August 23rd
Valley Stream State Park, Valley Stream
Team Size
12 - 18 Players; 6 Girls Required
Field Layout


Team Wins Losses Bar Points
2 Sweet, 2 Kick 5 0 100
What's Upson 4 1 300
Avocado Toast 3 2 400
Sizzlin' Hot Balls 1 4 0
Ring around the Rosie 1 4 300
Great Balls of Fire 1 4 300


Week 1 July 12th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00PM Avocado Toast 16 +100BPs Great Balls of Fire 9 + 200BPs
Field 2 7:00PM What's Upson 14 +100BPs Ring around the Rosie 12 + 100BPs
Field 3 7:00PM 2 Sweet, 2 Kick 9 +100BPs Sizzlin' Hot Balls 2
Week 2 July 19th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00PM Sizzlin' Hot Balls 15 Ring around the Rosie 6
Field 2 7:00PM Avocado Toast 5 +100BPs What's Upson 7 +100BPs
Field 3 7:00PM 2 Sweet, 2 Kick 9 Great Balls of Fire 2
Week 3 July 26th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00PM Avocado Toast 19 +100BPs Ring around the Rosie 9
Field 2 7:00PM 2 Sweet, 2 Kick 13 What's Upson 6 + 100BPs
Field 3 7:00PM Sizzlin' Hot Balls 13 Great Balls of Fire 19
Week 4 August 2nd
Field Time
Field 1 7:00PM Avocado Toast 10 +100BPs 2 Sweet, 2 Kick 12
Field 2 7:00PM What's Upson 8 Sizzlin' Hot Balls 6
Field 3 7:00PM Ring around the Rosie 11 Great Balls of Fire 9 + 100BPs
Week 5 August 9th
Field Time
Field 1 6:45PM What's Upson 19 Great Balls of Fire 9
Field 2 6:45PM Avocado Toast 6 Sizzlin' Hot Balls 5
Field 3 6:45PM 2 Sweet, 2 Kick 9 Ring around the Rosie 0 + 200BPs
Week 6 August 16th
Field Time
Field 1 6:45PM TBATBA
Field 2 6:45PM TBATBA
Field 3 6:45PM TBATBA
Week 7 August 23rd
Field Time
Field 1 6:45PM TBATBA
Field 2 6:45PM TBATBA
Field 3 6:45PM TBATBA





Bar Champs Schedule

There's more to LI-Kick than just Kickball! We invite you to come out to our sponsor bar after the games every week (Fatty McGees located at 138 Connetquot Avenue). The bar is just a 5 minute drive from the fields.

Date Social Challenge Bar Game [Winner(s)] Biggest Turnout
July 12 Scavenger Hunt
All But Sizzlin Hot Balls
Great Balls of Fire
July 19 Trivia Sheet Water Balloon Toss
What's Upson
Great Balls of Fire
July 26 Flip Cup Challenge
Avocado Toast
What's Upson
August 2 Theme Week
Great Balls of Fire

Avocado Toast
August 9 Fish Bowl
Ring Around the Rosie
Ring Around the Rosie
August 16 LI Kick Around the World Spelling Bee
August 23 Playoffs

Schedule subject to change

Earning Bar Points

Bar Games: Teams that participate in the bar game will earn 100 Bar Points. The winning team(s) of the bar game will receive an additional 100 Bar Points

Social Challenges: All teams that participate in the social challenges will receive 100 Bar Points. Photo based challenges must be posted on Facebook (@LI-Kick) or Instagram (@LI_Kick) with us tagged by Thursday at midnight.

Biggest Turnout: We'll do a headcount around 9PM, the team(s) with the most players in the bar and wearing their LI Kick Shirt will earn 100 Bar Points.

LI Kick Around the World

Traveling? Take us with you! Be sure to pack your LI-Kick Shirt and take then share a photo (be sure to tag us) to earn swag for your next adventure.



  • Players must be 21+ years of age.
  • All participating players must wear the kickball shirt issued to them. In some cases a spirited costume may be substituted.
  • Sub players are only permitted to avoid a forfeit and never permitted in the playoffs.
  • Cleats are permitted, provided they do not have metal bottoms.
  • Trash talk is permitted if clever or witty, but never violent or irate.


  • Teams usually range in sizes of 12 to 16.
  • 5 men and 5 women constitute a complete gameday lineup.
  • A team missing male players may allow a woman to fill the spot of a male, but not vice versa.
  • A team with less than 8 players total or less than 4 women will forfeit and a scrimmage will occur in place of a game.

The Game

  • The game is played on a baseball diamond or grass field with the bases being 60 feet apart.
  • Games last 9 innings with no time limit (games may be cut short do to lighting, it is important for games to start on time).
  • A tie game will go into extra innings.
  • Coaches are permitted at 1st base, 3rd base and on the bench. Coaches must stay outside the field of play.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior may result in disciplinary actions including ejection, suspension or expulsion.


  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed while playing the field.
  • If you are too injured to run, then you are too injured to play. Therefore pinch-runners are not allowed, however the opposing captain may chose to waive this rule.

The '8-4-12' Mercy Rule

  • A team losing by 8 runs or more is allowed 4 outs while kicking and can play 12 players when fielding.

Batting (Kicking)

  • No walks, strikes or hit by pitches. The batter has the option to decline a pitch.
  • An umpire can call a first or second strike (but never a third) if a batter intentionally declines to kick a perfectly pitched ball.
  • 3 fouls per batter, a batter is called out on the 3rd foul.
  • Bunting is permitted, however, if the catcher is able to possess the ball before the batter reaches first base, then the batter will be given 2 fouls and kick again.
  • A batter that kicks from the grassy area in front of home plate will be called out by the umpire.
  • Men and women must alternate kicking. Women may kick back-to-back and your entire batting order must bat before a player can bat again (Team Yelp! Clarification).

Base Running

  • No leading or stealing allowed.
  • A baserunner who leaves the base before the ball is contacted will be called out by the umpire.
  • Once a fielder is on the mound with possession of the ball all runners must return to the previous base unless more than half way.
  • The play will be called dead if a baserunner slaps the ball while safely standing on base.


  • Play ceases when a fielder is on the pitcher's mound with possession of the ball.
  • Striking a player with a ball in an attempt to record an out (pegging) is permitted. Pegging female players is allowed but frowned upon in situations, exclusive of 'plays at the plate.' A baserunner that is hit above the shoulders on a peg out will be awarded the base they were advancing towards and play will continue as a live ball.
  • If a baserunner is accidentally contacted above the shoulders while attempting to evade the ball (dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, dodging) the baserunner will be called out at the discretion of the umpire.
  • There is no 'infield' fly rule


  • Underhand only.
  • Pitches must be thrown in good faith with no intent to deceive, bounce, spin or speed the ball past the batter.
  • The catcher must start play behind home plate in the area created by extending the 1st and 3rd base lines, and may not impede the kicker.

The Playoffs

Due to the competitive nature of playoffs, certain rules are maintained for playoff games

  • The higher seeded team has the choice of being home or away.
  • The higher seeded team has the choice of field selection.
  • No replacement-players can be used. Every player must be registered to your team.
  • A team with less than 4 women or 8 total players must forfeit.
  • Captains must furnish a batting order at the request of the opposing team.
  • There is no mercy rule in the playoffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our players have different skill levels and motivations for playing, we do our best to make the games fun and competitive for everyone. The regular season tends to be more relaxed with the competition heating up in the playoffs.
The Bar Champs is a special category for the league's 'social champions'. Teams are awarded points for bar attendance, completing photo challenges and winning bar games. The winning team receives engraved drinking glasses.
No. You can register as a individual or with a small group of friends. You will be placed on a team based on a few supplementary questions and simple demographics.
You'll need at least 6 men and 6 women to join as your own team. If you don't have the full amount we can add free agents.
In case of inclement weather, games will be canceled 2 hours prior to game time through email. The game will be made up the following week in the form of a double header. For the Heckscher Kickball League, because the fields do not have lights and we are limited in the length of the season, we have built a rain-out week into the season. If multiple rain-outs occur, we may need to modify the play-off schedule or cancel games.
The league is 21 and over.