A Quick Note About Covid19

We'd love to be playing some social sports with you right now, but obviously that isn't possible during Quarantine. All leagues are 'on hold' until we receive guidance it is safe to proceed. In the meantime we've come up with some virtual events so we can be together, while we're apart. All are welcome to join!

Base Running and Shot Gunning

Key Details

First Season
Summer 2018 Thursdays at Heckscher State Park
Latest Season
Summer 2019 Thursdays at Thursday
Seasons Played
Games Played


Regular Season
Team Wins Losses Percent Bar Points Awards
Base-Running and Shot-Gunning
Summer 2018 Thursdays
Heckscher State Park
4 1 0.800 1700
Base Running and Shot Gunning
Summer 2019 Thursdays
Heckscher State Park
5 0 1.000 700
Totals 9 1 0.900 2400