Late Fall Cornhole Wantagh Monday

Key Details

Late Fall 2018 Cornhole
Game Day(s)
Game Time(s)
November 5th to December 17th
Mulchay's Pub and Concert Hall, Wantagh
24 Teams (max)
Team Size
2 - 4 Players;
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Team Fees

  • Early Registration: $120 $30.00 each with 4 players expires October 20th
  • Late Registration: $150 $37.50 each with 4 players expires November 4th
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Ways to Register

Complete Team

A team captain registers and pays for the entire team. You'll need the names, emails and birthdates of all your teammates. Team size and gender requirements vary by league.

Join as a Group

You can sign up with a group of friends and be put on the same team. Once registration ends we will merge you with other groups that compliment your group's demographics to create a full team.

Free Agents

Signing up as a free agent is an awesome way to meet new people. Add some supplementary information when signing up and we will do our best to place you on a team with players near your age.


It is our aim to provide teams with a fun, competitive experience with about 2 - 3 hours of gameplay per night. Rules last updated 9/01/2018.


ALL TEAMS should show up 15-30 minutes before the start of the first game for warm-ups, court assignments and announcements.

Three to Five teams will be assigned to a court for the night.

Teams will play a best of 3 game series against a set of assigned opponents on from your court.

Teams can have up to 4 players, but only 2 players will play in any game. The team decides which players play and there are no restrictions on how often a player can play. There are no gender requirements.

Minimum 2 Players needed per team to play each night. Subs are allowed during regular season and playoffs.

Any player who gets a "Four Bagger" on a single turn gets to sign the board at the end of the night.

We do our best to create a fair and fun schedule where teams play different opponents every week and play on different courts. However due to scheduling constraints some teams may play on some courts more often than others and will not play every team in the league.


Courts will be spaced 27’ apart (front of board to front of board) or as far as the facilities allow.

Court space is tight, please do your best to be respectful to the games and players happening around you. Do not cross in front of courts during gameplay.

Our players have different skill levels and motivations for playing, we aim to provide a welcoming and safe environment for everyone.

Game Play

A game of Rock Paper Scissors will be played to determine who throws first and the lane choice (which side of the board to stand on). The losing team determines the "head-to-head" matchups. Teams alternate going first in subsequent games of that series.

Players must throw from behind the front of the board.

Teams alternate throwing bags.

Team Players stand across from each other on the same side of the board.


Teams earn 3 Points for every bag in the hole.

Teams earn 1 Point for every bag on the board or hanging off the board.

A bag is "dead" 0 points if it touches the ground, walls, ceiling. If a player hits any lighting or ceiling infrastructure they lose the remaining bags for that round. If a bag hits the ground, ceiling or walls then bounces up onto the board, that bag shall be taken off the playing surface. If a bag lands in front of the board it should be cleared before the next bag is thrown. There may be some courts that have ceiling based obstacles, (lights, rigging, etc.), if a bag hits one of these obstacles, it may be rethrown, if both teams agree.

Differential Scoring, if Team A Scores 5 points, and Team B scores 2, Team A gets three points that frame.

First team to score 21 points or MORE at the end of an inning wins. There is no rebuttal and teams DO NOT have to win by 2 points.

The Team who scores in an inning throws first in the next inning. If both teams have the same inning score then the game score stays the same and throwing-honors stays with the team who had it the previous round.


If a players foot goes past the front of the board, this is termed a foot foul and the bag thrown shall be removed from play.

If a player throws a bag out of turn, the bag thrown shall be removed from play.


The last week of the season will be playoffs. All teams will participate. We will follow a traditional 8 or 16 team bracket, with optional play-ins if needed.

Playoffs are single elimination (best of 3 series).

Bar Champs

Teams may optionally participate each week in bar, photo and team challenges in order to earn points in the "Bar Champs League".

These challenges are aimed at getting teams to know each other and the other players in the league.

The Winning Team earns a special prize at the end of the league.

A Note About Sub's, Late Arrival's and Forfeit's

We know that life can throw an occasional curve-bag, to help with that LI Kick has a very liberal sub-policy, if you or your partner can't make it any week, feel free to invite down another friend to step in. Can't find anyone? Reach out and we'll do our best to find you a fill-in. In the event your entire team can't make it, we can also attempt to arrange make-up games with your opponents.

In the same vein, if your running late, please send an e-mail to and we'll do our best to adjust the schedule to buy you some extra time.

While we will do our best to avoid forfeits, sometimes they can't be avoided, in that case, your opponents will get a 21-0 win.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our players have different skill levels and motivations for playing, we do our best to make the games fun and competitive for everyone. The regular season tends to be more relaxed with the competition heating up in the playoffs.
The Bar Champs is a special category for the league's 'social champions'. Teams are awarded points for bar attendance, completing photo challenges and winning bar games. The winning team receives engraved drinking glasses.
The league is 21 and over.
Registration covers all costs related to the league including: shirts, equipment & facility use. There may be an additional credit card processing fee.