Social Sports
for Social Good

We know the importance of supporting our local communities that our players come from and play in. Since 2015 we have worked with over a dozen different local charities and causes that are near to our hearts and to the hearts of our players. Our service to these communities has come in many different forms including organizing our own seasonal tournaments, hosting special events, donating equipment and staff to charity events and through donation drives. But regardless of the method of support, it is our community of players that our success in these events is based upon and we are truely grateful for their continued support and enthusiasm.

A Scholarship Fund In Memory of Nick M.

Nick M. Scholarship Fund

Nick M. was an exceptional teammate and fierce rival in our soccer and kickball leagues until his untimely passing. In his memory, LI-Kick has created an endowed scholarship which funds scholarships for youth soccer players on Long Island.

Who We've Helped

How We Can Help Your Organization Raise Funds

Is your organization looking for some fun new ideas for your next fundraising event? Contact us today to discuss how you can leverage our expertise and equipment for your next in person or virtual event to create a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

We at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County (CP Nassau), have had the pleasure of working with LI-Kick on several fundraising events to date. Each event that LI-Kick has hosted for us has been nothing short of amazing! Sal is incredible to work with, he is quick to respond, flexible with all of our changes and works really hard to accommodate every request that we have made. From the beginning of every event, right to the end, Sal has taken the time to hear all of our ideas, has taken our changes in stride, and has executed a truly incredible event. Not only are the events fun and inclusive, but the money LI-Kick helps us to raise goes towards a very worthy cause: helping CP Nassau to continue to provide the best quality services to the to the children and adults with developmental disabilities who participate in our programs and services.

Especially during these difficult times, it is more important than ever before to raise money for the people that attend our Agency. Thanks to Sal and LI Kick’s incredible work, we have raised thousands of dollars during a time when that otherwise would have been impossible. We are so thankful to all of you at LI-Kick for taking the time and energy to put together fundraising events for Agencies such as ours. We truly look forward to having a long-standing relationship with LI-Kick in the future.